Let’s Improve the C-CDA Together!

The Sequoia Project knows data exchange is just the beginning for successful health data sharing. We are also committed to ensuring the content of those data exchanges is both accurate and useful to providers and patients.  In 2016, the Testing Workgroup developed an enhanced content testing program, focused around a common set of requirements and testing tools, to improve the quality and completeness of Continuity of Care Document (CCD) exchanges. In addition, the eHealth Exchange completed a 3-month content testing pilot to help to verify that the refined test cases will address the needs of the eHealth Exchange Participants.

The approved Enhanced Content Testing Program documentation went into effect on 1/10/17 and the documentation will be updated to reflect final comments that have been received.

What happens next?

The eHealth Exchange Enhanced Content Testing Program is in the final stages of being implemented.  We are in the final stages of vetting the new content testing tools that will be utilized by all Participants and will schedule a webinar to demonstrate the tooling and the eHealth Exchange Validation Plan has been updated to reflect the approved content testing policy.  Finally, Participants will need to complete the below survey as the first step to gain access to the tooling.  Now is the time to get a jump start and review the information that will be needed.

Watch the eHealth Exchange Enhanced Content Testing Program Demo (07/20/2017)

On July 20th, 2017, Didi Davis, Director of Testing, reviewed the new Enhanced Content Testing requirements for eHealth Exchange product vendors and participants. This demonstration includes an overview of the testing methodology and requirements for interoperability testing and exchange of clinical document content between eHealth Exchange participants. Watch Now

Stay Informed; Inform Our Work

Please visit the eHealth Exchange Testing Wiki site to access the content testing documentation.  You can find it listed under ‘Enhanced Content Testing Program (Documentation Effective: 1/10/17)’.

Email our Testing Team.

Have more questions about this or any other The Sequoia Project testing program? Email testing@sequoiaproject.org for more information. Email Now.