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The Sequoia Project knows data exchange is just the beginning for successful health data sharing. We are also committed to ensuring the content of those data exchanges is both accurate and useful to providers and patients. Since June of last year, the Testing Workgroup has been developing a content testing program, focused around a common set of requirements and testing tools, to improve the quality and completeness of Continuity of Care Document (CCD) exchanges. We began by defining and refining CCDs that may be exchanged by eHealth Exchange participants to address particular use cases or business needs.

In April 2016, we kicked-off the next phase: a 3-month content testing pilot. The voluntary pilot provides The Sequoia Project Founding Members and eHealth Exchange participants with free testing and reports on their current content capabilities, in exchange for helping us “test the tests.” Following this successful pilot, the eHealth Exchange has put forward for a 30-day participant comment period, ending January 9, 2017, regarding a proposed enhanced content testing program.

How Can You Help Improve the C-CDA?

Watch eHealth Exchange Enhanced Content Testing Program Overview Webinar. (12/02/2016)

Didi Davis, Director of Testing, reviewed the enhanced eHealth Exchange testing requirements for Product vendors and Participants expected to be required in 2017. This informational call provided an overview of the testing methodology and requirements for interoperability testing and exchange of clinical document content between eHealth Exchange participants. The timeline and formal change management process was outlined. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments during this call. (Download only the slides)

Join the Content Testing Workgroup Wiki and Meetings.

The Testing Workgroup focuses on the broad needs for industry and remains grounded in existing capabilities implemented in production and where there are gaps or issues with information exchange. The Testing Workgroup is responsible for testing requirements to ensure interoperable exchange among differing technology platforms and architectures. The purpose of the Testing Work Group is to develop functional and conformance testing requirements for the testing and validation of Health IT Modules to the eHealth Exchange criteria. The Testing Workgroup is responsible for the creation, review and approval of testing documentation, checklists and use cases. The workgroup also determines interoperability testing requirements to enable robust testing of information exchange among participants of the eHealth Exchange. Join Now.

Watch the 2016 The Sequoia Project Content Testing Pilot Webinar.

The discussion, led by Didi Davis, Director of Testing Programs, includes content testing documentation, testing methodology and scenarios that will eventually be required for interoperability testing and exchange of content documents among eHealth Exchange participants. Watch Now or Download the Presentation Slides

Learn About the 2016 Content Testing Pilot. (closed)

The Content Testing Pilot provides eHealth Exchange members with a unique opportunity to assess their current performance against future content requirements. Pilot members who submit C-CDAs will receive assistance interpreting the free Content Testing Pilot report and scorecard. This is also an opportunity to increase the amount of data pilot members exchange in production as well as improving the clinical content of the discreet data exchanged, which is good for your patients and providers. Finally, pilot members are empowered to provide feedback on production testing requirements and scores in collaboration with HL7 for inclusion in future documentation. The pilot closes July 1, 2016.

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