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Carequality Community Benefits From Sequoia Project Membership

The Carequality community has built the nation’s leading framework for trusted exchange among health information networks. Today, more than 50% of all physicians are empowered to share patient data electronically, regardless of technology and geography, with more coming online to the framework every day.

Did you know, most Carequality implementers are also Sequoia Project members?

A consensus and public mission-driven nonprofit, The Sequoia Project provides valuable opportunities to influence public affairs, lead on Interoperability Matters, support emerging health information exchange initiatives, and access the proprietary Interoperability Testing Platform.

Inform Public Affairs

The Sequoia Project is a non-profit for the public good, not a trade association. We educate those in government on the state of interoperability and the impact of policies from the perspective of what’s best for the greater good of the country. We work closely with the White House, Congress, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Defense, Department of Veteran Affairs, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, the Social Security Administration, and others who shape the policies and regulations that can help – or hinder – progress to seamless, secure nationwide health information exchange. The Sequoia Project relies on diverse stakeholder representation to shape our stance on and response to critical issues.



The Sequoia Project was instrumental in educating industry and government stakeholders on the challenge of requiring active duty service members to opt-in to health information exchange when transitioning to veteran status and the need for an opt-out approach instead.


The Sequoia Project convened a workgroup of private sector and federal partners to analyze proposed information blocking regulations. The group shared invaluable perspectives with the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare and Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) on the unintended consequences of such policies based on real-world experience.


The Sequoia Project provides real-world insights and case studies to legislators as they craft new legislation to improve patient matching in the U.S.

Support Emerging Health Information Exchange Initiatives

The Sequoia Project and its members demand real-world solutions to the most pressing health information exchange challenges. Instead of thought leadership, we focus on implementation leadership. By incubating health data sharing initiatives, The Sequoia Project provides a home to interoperability start-ups that are helping physicians and patients.

The Sequoia Project is widely known for past initiatives including the eHealth Exchange and Carequality, which are now mature, independent non-profit organizations. Currently, we support two important initiatives in their early roll out. The Patient Unified Look-up System for Emergencies (PULSE) is a health IT disaster response platform now expanding nationally, following the lifesaving pilot program in California. RSNA Image Share Validation is a testing program to ensure the interoperability of imaging technologies. The Sequoia Project membership has a strong voice in identifying new initiatives and participating in pilots.

Lead on Interoperability Matters

  • In 2018, The Sequoia Project launched Interoperability Matters, which engages experts from across the healthcare IT community to identify, prioritize, and collaborate on the most pressing, discrete challenges to nationwide health information sharing. The Sequoia Project members have the unique opportunity to serve on the Interoperability Matters Leadership Council which prioritizes the interoperability matters projects, approves the formation of new workgroups, leverages subject matter experts, critical stakeholders and resources that overcome interoperability matters barriers. The Leadership Council receives regular workgroup updates, provides strategic direction, and ensures that the consensus driven Interoperability Matters process is open, transparent, and inclusive of broad stakeholder perspectives.

  • The Leadership Council meets virtually throughout the year, as well as in-person at The Sequoia Project Annual Meeting and other industry events.

  • The Leadership Council identified Information Blocking as a key area for education and opportunity to help inform new policies. The Leadership Council approved the findings and recommendations that were provided along with the CMS and ONC Comment Letters.

  • A prior workgroup published the influential Framework for Cross-Organizational Patient Identity Management, which developed a set of patient matching rules and a maturity model to improve patient matching.

Improve Semantic Interoperability

Interoperability initiatives have gained traction nationally along with new challenges in variability of the data being exchanged.  The Sequoia Project members, end users of interoperability,  and other stakeholders identified the need for implementation resources to improve the consistency and value of the data  transmitted in C-CDAs for the public good. 

The result was a specification and set of content testing tools to improve semantic interoperability.

The Sequoia Project membership includes free access to the C-CDA content tool. As a value added benefit to members, we provide an annual subscription discount for the transport testing tools, which includes exclusive support from our testing experts.

Become a Member!

Join other organizations as a member of The Sequoia Project and engage as a key contributor in The Sequoia Project-sponsored initiatives and collaborative efforts to advance implementation of secure, interoperable nationwide health information exchange for the public good.