2018 Carequality Steering Committee Forming Now

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Apply Now for Carequality Steering Committee

We are looking for leaders to take a stand in accelerating health data sharing by joining the Carequality Steering Committee. Carequality depends on the volunteer participation of stakeholders from across the health IT and healthcare communities to form our various governing bodies. We are accepting applications from Carequality members and non-members to join the Steering Committee until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Monday 9/17.

Our community is rapidly expanding to include an increasingly diverse group of stakeholders. In response to this growth, the current Steering Committee has approved an expansion from 15 to 18 seats.

The new seats will provide more representation for consumer-oriented organizations of different types, and for an additional health plan representative. We also hope to attract representatives of small physician practices to our existing provider organization seats. These changes will help to ensure that the Steering Committee makeup reflects our evolving role in the health IT community, and the ever-changing landscape of the industry overall.

The Steering Committee is responsible for Carequality’s strategic direction, and for the development and oversight of the Carequality Interoperability Framework. With input from the Carequality Advisory Council and other stakeholders, the Steering Committee manages the work of Carequality, including the adoption of new use cases and settling key decisions regarding our consensus-built Framework. The Committee balances continuity with fresh perspective by rotating terms, so that 50% of the seats have terms expire each year.

When this year’s 10 open seats are filled, the committee will elect the upcoming session’s leadership. The Committee is currently led by Chair Dr. Michael Hodgkins, of the American Medical Association, and Vice Chair Dr. Steven Lane, of Sutter Health.

The Carequality Interoperability Framework was published in December 2015 and has since been adopted and implemented by dozens of leading healthcare information networks, vendors, service providers, and personal health record (PHR) companies. Our implementing networks have enabled more than 600,000 physicians across over 1,500+ hospitals and 33,000 clinics to share patient information to support better care.

Finally, we would like to thank all of the Steering Committee members whose terms are coming to a close. Over the past year, the Steering Committee has overseen updates to the Carequality Query-Based Document Exchange Implementation Guide, our Implementer Application, our corporate restructuring, our collaborative work in document content, push notifications, and patient requests, just to name a few. Your work over the past year has helped shape the future of Carequality and health IT as a whole.

Learn more about the new Steering Committee structure, time commitment, and submit your application today!

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