Carequality is a public-private collaborative that facilitates agreement among diverse stakeholders to develop and maintain a common interoperability framework enabling seamless exchange between and among networks.   For more information, please read our Carequality-Overview (PDF)


What Does Carequality Do?

Carequality brings together a diverse group of representatives from the private sector and government to come to collective agreement on how to enable data to flow seamlessly between and among networks and providers, much like the banking industry did for ATM / ACH transactions.


What Is Carequality Developing?

  • A universal set of trust principles which apply across all Carequality use cases
  • A customizable set of policy principles which can be tailored to specific use cases
  • A use case and implementation guide for specific interoperability capabilities, the first of which is focusing on query-based exchange


How Does Carequality Operate?

  • Inclusiveness and transparency
  • Flexibility and innovation
  • Clear and equitable oversight
  • Standards based
  • Vendor neutral