Here is a list of ways that interested parties can become involved with the eHealth Exchange:

1. Become an eHealth Exchange Participant

2. Become an eHealth Exchange Validated Product

3. Join our Spec Factory wiki (registration required).  This group meets weekly (1-605-562-3140;244828#  and on Thursday from 3-4 pm Eastern time.

The role of the Spec Factory is to develop production-caliber interoperability specifications based upon existing industry standards, where possible, to support the business and clinical use cases that could be operated in production by the Exchange. In the event that existing industry standards don’t exist or are inadequate, the Spec Factory creates new specifications, and then works with appropriate industry Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) to move the new efforts into industry standards when possible.

4. Join our Policy & Technical Task Group wiki (registration required).

The Policy & Technical Task Group meets on a monthly basis, or more frequently as needed, to address a broad range of topics that have both policy and technical implications. The P&T may be convened at the request of the Coordinating Committee to advise on proposed policies and provide input and make recommendations on a variety of topics.

5.  Join our Testing Workgroup wiki (registration required).
This group meets weekly on Tuesday from 3-4 pm Eastern time. Recordings of previous meetings are also available on the Wiki.

The purpose of the Testing Work Group is to develop functional and conformance testing requirements for the testing and validation of Health IT Modules to the eHealth Exchange criteria. The Testing Workgroup will be responsible for the creation, review and approval of testing documentation, checklists and use cases. The workgroup will determine interoperability testing requirements to enable robust testing of information exchange among participants of the eHealth Exchange for Coordinating Committee approved use cases.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a phone discussion.