The eHealth Exchange Product Testing Program was developed to provide a high degree of assurance that systems developed for use by eHealth Exchange Participants conform to the eHealth Exchange Performance Specifications and underlying standards and interoperate with other systems without error or further customization, while remaining conformant.

Vendor products that successfully pass a rigorous set of required conformance tests will receive the eHealth Exchange Validated designation. This will significantly reduce the level of effort and cost to any organization that onboards utilizing an eHealth Exchange Validated product. For more information about the eHealth Exchange Product Testing Program or to apply, visit our product testing page.

Below is a current list of eHealth Exchange Validated products:

Vendor  Validated Products
 Medicity Network v7
logo-ica CareAlign 3.0
logo-iod Prism
logo-orion Exchange Gateway v3
logo-greenway PrimeEXCHANGE
logo-cerner Clinical Exchange Platform