AegisThe following documentation will assist you in getting setup in the DIL:

DIL Training and Demonstration Video

DIL Setup Checklist

  • The DIL Setup Checklist contains the steps that you will need to walk through in order to get setup in the DIL. It references the other DIL Guides located on the DIL’s website within each step of the process. Please make sure to complete each step in the order listed or else you may not be able to complete a later step in the process. This checklist must before you can have your results validated.
  • Download the DIL Setup Checklist

DIL User Guide

  • The DIL User Guide contains the information you need to get set up in the DIL, to execute the Smoke Test as well as the other applicable Test Cases for the 2010 and 2011 version of the specifications.
  • Download the DIL User Guide

DIL UDDI Registration Guide

  • The DIL UDDI Registration Guide contains the information you need to setup your endpoints in the DIL UDDI as well as additional information to connect to the DIL UDDI.
  • Download DIL UDDI Registration Guide

DIL Certificate Installation Instructions

  • The DIL Certificate Installation Instructions contains the information you need to download and install your certificate from the DIL as well as additional instructions if you need to add the DIL certificate with any additional certificates to your keystore. You will not be able to use the certificate from The Sequoia Project (the Entrust certificate) for your testing in the DIL.
  • Download DIL Certificate Installation Instructions

Updated Patient Mapping Guide

DIL 3.0 Release Testing Guide

NOTE: When accessing these materials, the first time you click on the DIL link, you may need to move past any error message that displays by clicking ‘Proceed’ or ‘Trust.’