The Need

As physicians and hospitals become more accountable for the care they provide, information needs to flow freely as patients move between different care providers. Providers need to be able to request, send, and receive health information in a secure and seamless manner. Many interoperability efforts have begun tackling this challenge, but to date, they have done so independently of one another. Carequality provides these existing initiatives and networks with a standardized framework for working together.

The Solution

Carequality (“care-e-quality”) is an industry collaborative that brings together diverse stakeholders, to build consensus on how to accelerate seamless health information exchange just as the banks came together to connect ATM networks. As an action-oriented collaborative, Carequality builds upon existing exchange capabilities, leveraging existing standards and agreeing upon innovative approaches to improve exchange workflows and adoption. Carequality accelerates the exchange of data since exchange will be based upon a common interoperability framework, with an agreement to implement, comply and exchange using that framework.