Responding Imaging Gateway (2018): Read This First

The System Under Test (SUT) is a Responding Imaging Gateway

Testing Overview

The tests for the Initiating Imaging Gateway fall into several broad categories and are numbered accordingly. The numbering scheme and categories are listed in the following table.

Test Number Base Test Category
  • Testing with a single Imaging Document Source
  • These are cases where success responses are intended
Success cases covering different DICOM transfer syntaxes
Success cases involving multiple Imaging Document Source actors
Failure cases
Partial success cases with single and multiple Imaging Document Source actors


The tables immediately below describe the environment at a high level with values for homeCommunityID's and repositoryUniqueID's. We use fixed values for homeCommunityIDs.

Community / System homeCommunityID
Under Test: Responding Imaging Gateway urn:oid:
Initiating Imaging Gateway (Simulator) urn:oid:

Imaging Document Source (Simulator) Repository Unique ID
Unknown (do not configure in your Responding Imaging Gateway;
used to test error conditions)

After you have initialized the test environment, you should see the full set of configuration parameters needed to configure and test your system.

Tests are run using three DICOM transfer syntaxes. The UIDs for these are:

In some cases, the Imaging Document Source simulator will respond to RAD-69 retrieve requests with images that are encoded with a requested transfer syntax. In other cases, the Imaging Document Source simulator will have the image but will not be able to supply it in the requested transfer syntax.