Sequoia Project Healthcare Directory Implementation Guide
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Change Log

Change Management Overview

Sequoia maintains change control for all assets related to this project, including to this document, the software described by this document, and the associated operational environments (people, processes, and systems). The following sections document the information needed by implementers in terms of change management. Certain information, such as actual environmental access base URLs is confidential and not documented here.

Implementation Guide Changes

Date Version Author Summary
03/21/2024 1.0.5 Rick Geimer
  • Added Delegation of Authority (DOA) to Sequoia Identifier Code System and Value Set
  • Added DOA slice to Organization.identifier in SequoiaOrganization
  • Updated Initiator Only Code System and Value Set to remove GOV and add OBO (On Behalf Of) and OTHER.
02/06/2024 1.0.4 Rick Geimer
  • Primary API page now points to the core FHIR REST API page. Documented key changes in the DELETE operation (now uses FHIR versioning vs. setting to false). Moved legacy API documentation to a sub-page that can be later removed when all directories have moved off the Ruby directory code.
  • Removed the references and web application gui pages since they are no longer relevant.
  • Removed some unneccessary/redundant examples.
12/13/2023 1.0.3 Rick Geimer
  • Added RCE-Purpose code system
  • Added RCE-Purpose-VS value set
  • Changed binding on PurposesOfUse extension from required to preferred to allow the RCE to use it's own value set
11/03/2023 1.0.2 Rick Geimer Changed cardinality for Sequoia Endpoint – Endpoint.extension.Transaction from 0..1 to 1..1
07/21/2023 1.0.1 Rick Geimer
  • Changed cardinality for Sequoia Organization – Organization.identifier:AAID from 0..1 to 0..*
  • Changed cardinality for Sequoia Endpoint – Endpoint.identifier:AAID from 0..1 to 0..*
06/30/2023 1.0.0 Rick Geimer Initial Release