The eHealth Exchange Product Testing Program was developed to test conformance for health information exchange (HIE) standards as required by the eHealth Exchange Coordinating Committee for onboarding to the eHealth Exchange network. Its purpose is to enable vendors to test their products for conformance and interoperability.  The eHealth Exchange operates this program in conjunction with AEGIS.   Organizations that onboard to the eHealth Exchange using a Validated Product are able to bypass the 2011 Security tests.

A high-level overview of the process is provided below with links to additional documentation.  There is additional information in our Quick Guide to eHealth Exchange Testing

1. Complete the Product Testing Application which includes the Product Testing Services Agreement; submit to

2. Set up and Conduct Practice Testing in the Developers Integration Lab (DIL)

Review our DIL Testing Overview Guide , Complete DIL Setup Checklist and send to

3. Run Tests and Submit Results

See Testing References Page for the needed documentation and test data for test set up and execution

Run the tests and “Submit” results in the DIL to have the results validated.

Notify once you have submitted the tests and provide the corresponding DIL Execution Unique ID.  You can record the Execution IDs on this spreadsheet.

NOTE:  In addition to the tests that are run in the DIL, the eHealth Exchange reviews message content against our conformance checklists.  So, applicants can successfully complete all tests in the DIL, but still FAIL testing due to non conformance on one or more items on our conformance checklists.

4. Submit Content Sample Documents

See the Content Testing Page for additional documentation and guidance.