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January 19, 2024

Much Anticipated Draft Common Agreement Version 2 and Other Materials Released for Feedback

TEFCA Is Live and Looking to the Future with FHIR

(Vienna, VA – January 19, 2024)  Today, the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common AgreementSM (TEFCASM) Recognized Coordinating Entity® (RCETM), The Sequoia Project, released a bundle of new draft TEFCA materials to support greater use of HL7 FHIR® and make other improvements to the framework. Stakeholders have through February 5 to provide feedback online. In addition to the materials released for review and feedback, the RCE will host a series of three webinars to provide additional opportunities for education, review, and feedback.

“When TEFCA went live in December, the Qualified Health Information NetworksTM (QHINsTM) countersigned the Common Agreement v1.1 at an event at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,” said Mariann Yeager, CEO of The Sequoia Project and RCE lead. “At that time, we were already hard at work, in collaboration with the QHINs, on Common Agreement v2 to ensure swift implementation of the FHIR® Roadmap for TEFCA Exchange v2.”

The TEFCA draft documents released today for a 14-day stakeholder feedback period include:

In addition to draft policy and technical documents, the RCE released today several resources to support stakeholders in understanding TEFCA. The RCE is seeking feedback on the following draft materials:

The RCE will thoroughly review all feedback received via the webinars and online feedback forms for each document. While these drafts are published for feedback until February 5, the community is encouraged to submit comments all year long on the RCE website’s general feedback form.

The next evolution of TEFCA will be the publication of the final Common Agreement v2 and today’s other draft materials for adoption and implementation by the QHINs and their network Participants and Subparticipants, anticipated to happen in March 2024.

All TEFCA resources can be found on the RCE website.

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