Interoperability Matters

Interoperability Matters

A Public-Private Cooperative Solving Discrete Health Information Exchange Challenges

Launched by The Sequoia Project in 2018, Interoperability Matters engages experts from across the healthcare and healthcare IT communities to identify, prioritize, and collaborate on the most pressing, discrete challenges to nationwide health information sharing.

Prioritizing Discrete Barriers

The Interoperability Matters Leadership Council brings together members of The Sequoia Project and diverse perspectives from leaders in health IT. The council prioritizes discrete barriers in health information exchange which benefit from national-level, public-private collaboration.

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Public Advisory Forum


Solving Targeted, High Impact Interoperability Issues Through Workgroups

The Leadership Council charters and oversees workgroups tasked with drafting findings, recommendations, and work products. The workgroups enlist input from the Public Advisory Forum and present work to the Leadership Council for acceptance.

Interoperability Matters Workgroups in Progress

Learn more about our current workgroups and how you can participate.

Information Blocking Compliance Workgroup

Data Usability Workgroup

Emergency Preparedness Information Workgroup

A Forum for Perspective, Input and Transparency

Workgroup recommendations are also shared with the Interoperability Matters Public Advisory Forum to seek input from those impacted by the work. The forum enables the community to share tools, resources and best practices and provides a venue for policy makers to hear diverse perspectives in real-time.

What Interoperability Matters Delivers?

Interoperability Matters channels end user needs and priorities and coordinates efforts into a cohesive set of strategic interoperability directions. The final work product is a consensus-built resource and plan of action for the healthcare sector to leverage and implement to minimize or eliminate that particular barrier to exchange.

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