Interoperability Matters

Consumer Engagement Strategy Workgroup

Established by the Interoperability Matters Leadership Council, the Consumer Engagement Strategy Workgroup will develop strategies to meet consumer needs.


Workgroup Purpose

The Consumer Engagement Strategy Workgroup will gain an understanding of consumer experiences, priorities, and recommendations; and develop short and long-term cross-industry strategies for meeting consumer needs. The recommended strategies will be provided to the Interoperability Matters Leadership Council and Sequoia Board.


Review, evaluate and translate the Consumer Voices Workgroup recommendations into cross-industry strategies to advance consumer engagement, access education, and related policy change.

Focus Areas

Two Work Phases

The Sequoia Project identified two consumer engagement goals: listening to consumers and acting on what we heard.

Phase 1

Consumer Voices Workgroup

Consumers will share their experiences, priorities, and recommendations for accessing, using, and sharing their health records. The goal of the group is to:
Phase 2

Consumer Engagement Strategy Workgroup

This group is open to all members of The Sequoia Project. The goal of the group is to:

Personal Health Data

What Patients Need

Personal Access

All of my health information is readily accessible to me and my caregivers in one place when I need it.

Care Team Access

All of my data is readily accessible to all of my care team through their EHR, regardless of their practice affiliation.


I can understand my data and health information makes sense to me.

Awareness and Education

I understand my rights to data access, how and by whom my data is used and can advocate for myself and others.

Workgroup Roster

Henry Archibong, HealthMark Group

Allison Aubuchon, WellConnector

Jennifer Blumenthal, OneRecord

Whitney Bowman-Zatzkin, Rare Dots

Stephanie Broderick, Clinical Architecture

Hans Buitendijk. Oracle Corp

Hugo Campos, Consultant/Patient Advocate

Bart Carlson, Azuba Corporation 

Barbara Carr, Verisma

Dan Chavez, Serving Communities HIO

Grace Cordovano, Enlightening Results

Jeff Coughlin, American Medical Association

Tammy Coutts, EHRA

Dave Debronkart, Consumer/Patient Advocate

Yssa DeWoody, Ring14

Cathriona Dolphin-Dempsey, Stanford Health Care

John Gaines, MatchRite

Eddie Conzalez-Loumiet, Ruvos

Mike Graglia, Cure SynGAP1

Thomas Grannan, Azuba Corporation

Joe Hernandez, BluIP

Jen Horonjeff, Savvy Cooperative

Nabbil Khan, Lifeline Biosciences

Shannah Koss, Koss on Care LLC

Allison Kozee, MRO Corporation

Jason Kulatunga, FastenHealth

Amy Laine, Sandwych

Virginia Lorenzi, New York Presbyterian

Tushar Malhotra, eClinicalWorks

Desla Mancilla, BCBSA

Shamekka Marty, Consumer/Patient Advocate

Josh Mast, Oracle Corp

Elizabeth McElhiney, Verisma

Chris McFarlane, Patientory

Deven McGraw, Ciitizen

Lana Moriarty, ONC

Tiffany O’Donnell, MRO Corporation

Adaeze Okonkwo, Government of DC

Melis Ozturk, IBM

Eric Pan, Stanford

Josh Parker, AthenaHealth

AJ Peterson, Netsmart

Sam Segall, Datavant

Paul Seville, Deloitte

Alexis Shaner, Hawai’i Pacific Health

Stacey Tinianov, Consumer/Patient Advocate

Jaffer Traish, FindHelp

Janice Tufte, Hassanah Consulting

Brian Van Wyk, Epic

Vanessa Vogel-Farley, Global Genes

Diana Warner, MRO Corporation

Duncan Weatherston, Smile Digital Health

Carol Zinder, InTandem Health

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Why Consumer Voices Matter

Learn first-hand from our workgroup members why it is important to develop strategies to make it easier for all consumers to access, use, and share health data while keeping it private and secure.

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