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Data Usability Workgroup

The Sequoia Project has assembled experts across a wide range of different stakeholders to develop specific and pragmatic implementation guidance on clinical content for healthcare stakeholders in order to facilitate health information exchange. This guidance, in the form of implementation guides covering identified priority use cases, will be readily adoptable by health information exchange vendors, implementers, networks, governance frameworks, and testing programs.

Guidance and Enablement

The implementation guidance developed by the Data Usability Workgroup targets improvements necessary to enable semantic interoperability of health information and builds on existing work. Semantic interoperability will improve the usability of data received by end users within their workflows. Input from all relevant stakeholders is essential to developing credible implementation guides for a specific use cases and ensuring stakeholder participation is a crucial organizational objective for the Workgroup.

Implementation Guide Development

The Data Quality Workgroup developed one implementation guide focusing on data quality and addressing each of the following high-level use cases:


Workgroup Meetings, First Thursday of Each Month at 4:00 p.m. ET

The workgroup meets on the first Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. ET. We will strive to post the meeting materials for each meeting the day before, and upload meeting recordings within 24 hours.

Data Usability Workgroup Roster


Healthcare Providers

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Standards Developer

Public Health

Work Phases

The Interoperability Matters Leadership Council chartered the Data Usability Workgroup to work in the following phases:

2020 - 2021 (PHASE 1)

Administration and Prioritization

October 2020-March 2021

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2021 - 2022 (PHASE 2)

Developing Initial Drafts

2022 (PHASE 3)

Public Comment Period/ Recommended Next Steps

2022 (PHASE 4)

Publication of Implementation Guide Version 1.0

October 14, 2022 – December 14, 2022

Version 1.0 IG

Press Release

2023 Phase 1

Currently In Progress

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Adam R. Davis, MD, co-chair Sutter Health

bill gregg

Adam R. Davis, MD, co-chair Sutter Health

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