2018 Testing Requirements

What is RSNA Image Share Validation?

The Image Share Validation Program provides a conformity assessment program that sets the standard for consistency in the marketplace. The Image Share Validation Program tests the compliance of vendor systems using quality standards determined most effective for accurate and efficient exchange of medical images. Beginning in 2018, the validation program will expand to include additional security and document sharing metadata to enable better discoverability and improve interoperability of medical images.

The RSNA Image Share Validation Program benefits patients and providers with improved efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced quality of care, and standards-based interoperability to spur innovation.

Vendors Achieving
RSNA Image Share Validation

The vendors who achieve the RSNA Image Share designation have demonstrated compliance to quality standards published by IHE International and determined most effective for accurate and efficient exchange of medical images, including those used in the eHealth Exchange.

Vendor products that successfully pass a rigorous set of required conformance tests receive the RSNA Image Share Validation seal to communicate to current and future customers their image-sharing capabilities.


Marketability for Vendors

The RSNA Image Share Validation seal will assure customers that your systems support convenient, standards-based image exchange. RSNA will promote the program to purchasers of imaging and information systems, and encourage them to select systems that have undergone validation testing.

Watch the RSNA Image Share Validation Program Webinar or Download the Presentation Slides

Program Details

With effective standards for image sharing already well established, a validation program is the logical next step. Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) has published the Cross-enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) family of profiles, a set of technical specifications that are used to exchange health information, including medical images, in health information networks located around the world. The Image Share Validation program takes the next step toward their broader adoption.

Vendor Validation Fees

The planned fees for the Image Share Validation program are:

  • $20,000 for the first testing bundle
  • $2,000 for each additional testing bundle
  • Maximum of $26,000 per participant if all four bundles are tested
    within a testing cycle

The validation mark will remain current for two years.

Benefits of Validation to Patients and Providers

Improved efficiency

Cut costs

Enhanced quality of care

Standards-based interoperability
to spur innovation

Eliminate CDs

Reduce radiation exposure

Stop duplicative procedures

Care providers with access to a patient’s imaging history make better informed care decisions and provide more efficient, higher quality care. Patients with access to their medical images and reports enjoy improved communication that enables them to take more control of their medical care. Image Share replaces the cumbersome and error-prone methods of image sharing common today with convenient, secure electronic access.

Ready to improve medical image sharing for patients and providers?