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Privacy & Consent Workgroup

Established by the Interoperability Matters Leadership Council, the Privacy & Consent Workgroup will identify initial steps to further propel the healthcare community towards supporting proper information exchange that appropriately protects privacy.


Workgroup Purpose

While information sharing has become the standard in U.S. health care, the inherently sensitive nature of health information creates significant operational challenges for health information exchange. The Workgroup will consider the broader needs of public and private sector stakeholders, while focusing on implementation-level and operational aspects of privacy and consent related activities.

Propelling the Healthcare Community Forward

This Workgroup will serve as a Community of Practice by convening Sequoia Project’s members and subject matter experts focused on information exchange that appropriately protects privacy.

Initial Areas of Focus

Given both the increase in health information exchange and the growing attention to the sensitivity of health information, the issues of consent management and data segmentation for privacy come to the forefront. Practical and universal solutions are needed to maintain and build on the growing momentum toward interoperability.

The Workgroup will focus initially on the following topics: 

Computable Consent

Those receiving requests for information must determine what level of exchange is permitted and when consent may be required. If an individual’s consent (or authorization) is required for sharing information in each circumstance, the process to obtain and electronically share consent in a computable format is not yet standardized.

Data Segmentation for Privacy

Growing concerns and attention to the sensitivity of health information heightens the need for tools that allow individuals and data holders to identify information deemed particularly sensitive when sharing records.

Building on the Efforts of Others

The Workgroup will begin with a landscape review to understand existing efforts and regulations. The intent is to leverage and learn from the efforts of others with a focus on identifying and addressing implementation concerns.

Workgroup Co-Chairs

Steven Lane

Health Gorilla

Deven McGraw


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