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Sequoias are among the oldest, tallest trees on earth. Individually, they cannot reach the great heights of giant sequoias. Together, their complex, interconnected root system helps them withstand nature’s forces and flourish. Only connected can they reach great heights.

About Us

The Sequoia Project

We are an independent, trusted advocate for nationwide health information exchange. The Sequoia Project, through our initiatives, and our engagement with government and industry, are experts who can identify the barriers to interoperability and pioneer processes to make health information exchange work on a national level. We are a neutral body, inclusive of diverse participants, which allows us to create practical solutions to data exchange problems. As a nonprofit operating in the public interest, our governance process ensures transparent oversight of this work.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to make the right health information accessible at the right place and time to improve the health and welfare of all Americans. At the Sequoia Project we are:




Exploring our Roots

We’ve grown over the last 11 years! When we were founded, The Sequoia Project supported a single initiative that now operates as an independent health information network. Today, we continue to incubate new initiatives through our Interoperability Matters cooperative. Learn more about our history below.

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The Sequoia Project forms and launches its first initiative, a federal health information network.
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9 Founding Members

Federal health information network grows to 40 participants

Collaboration with Care Connectivity Consortium
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Carequality launches as a second initiative
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Image Share Validation program launches as third initiative

Carequality publishes national-level Interoperability Framework, the first of its kind

Federal health information network reaches 100 members
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First Carequality Implementers go live

CommonWell adopts the Carequality framework

Patient Identity Matching Workgroup launches
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Published Patient Matching Whitepaper and Case Study

Connected PULSE to federal health information network to respond to California wildfires

Carequality Interoperability Framework participants grow
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The Sequoia Project launches federal health information network and Carequality as separate organizations

600,000+ physicians exchange 2.4m+ clinical documents monthly under Carequality

Interoperability Matters cooperative launches
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Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) selects The Sequoia Project as TEFCA Recognized Coordinating Entity (RCE)

RCE works on QHIN-to-QHIN transactions standards issues

Information Blocking Compliance Workgroup forms under Interoperability Matters cooperative
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Information Blocking Compliance Workgroup releases implementation guidance, and the first workgroup boot camp is launched

Data Usability Workgroup launches

RCE enlists feedback on initial draft QHIN Technical Framework (QTF)
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Interoperability Matters establishes 3 Information Blocking Compliance Workgroup subgroups

Emergency Preparedness Information Workgroup launches

RCE publishes first draft of the TEFCA Common Agreement, and draft of TEFCA QTF
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The Sequoia Project celebrates 10 years!

Emergency Preparedness Workgroup publishes Pandemic Response Planning Recommendations

Information Blocking Compliance Workgroup releases suite of resources

Data Usability Workgroup publishes first Implementation Guide
2022 - Cont.
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Consumer Voices Workgroup launched

With ONC, RCE publishes Trusted Exchange Framework and the Common Agreement for health information networks

RCE publishes final versions of TEFCA QTF and Common Agreement

RCE begins accepting QHIN applications
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Publishes recommendations from Consumer Voices Workgroup

RCE processes initial group of QHIN applications. Applicants are recognized at HHS TEFCA event

More to come!

The Sequoia Project


Our work takes the form of independent initiatives, each with its own mission, governance, membership and structure. We are an ideal home for projects that require a collaborative environment in which multiple parties with differing perspectives can work together. We can provide the sustaining management services and governance support required to allow new initiatives to grow and succeed. Our initiatives work independently but draw upon each other’s perspective and expertise as appropriate.

We welcome the addition of new health IT interoperability initiatives. Contact us below to determine if The Sequoia Project is a good fit for your next interoperability implementation project.

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