August 29, 2022

The Sequoia Project’s Data Usability Workgroup Releases First Deliverable for Public Feedback

(Vienna, VA – August 29, 2022) The Sequoia Project, a non-profit and trusted advocate for nationwide health information exchange, today announced the release of Data Usability Workgroup Implementation Guide, Version 0.1 and is seeking public feedback through Friday, October 14, 2022.

This implementation guide covers the identified priority use cases that can be readily adopted within health information exchange vendors, implementers, networks, governance frameworks and testing programs.

“The Data Usability Workgroup consists of members from the broader healthcare and health IT community,” said Mariann Yeager, chief executive officer of The Sequoia Project. “This implementation guide is a collaborative effort of the workgroup, and we are thrilled to share it with the community for feedback.”

The Data Usability Workgroup (DUWG), which is part of The Sequoia Project’s Interoperability Matters initiative, was launched in October 2020 to develop specific and pragmatic implementation guidance on clinical content for healthcare stakeholders to facilitate health information exchange. Stakeholders from all healthcare and interoperability industries participate in the DUWG to ensure the development of comprehensive and inclusive guidance that will improve usability of data among healthcare communities and networks.

“We value the leadership from our co-chairs and input received from the workgroup members that helped inform the development of this draft implementation guide, said Didi Davis, vice president of Informatics, Conformance & Interoperability of The Sequoia Project. “This Implementation Guide lays the groundwork for enhancing the usability of data exchanged today and will signal what the workgroup will focus on in future efforts to benefit the public good.”

The Data Usability Workgroup Implementation Guide, Version 0.1 is built on existing work and in coordination with related standards development organizations and industry initiatives. The DUWG is seeking feedback from the public on this guide through Friday, October 14, 2022. You can view the implementation guide and submit feedback via the online form at https://sequoiaproject.org/interoperability-matters/data-usability-workgroup/data-usability-workgroup-implementation-guide/.

Learn more about the DUWG and other Interoperability Matters workgroups at https://sequoiaproject.org/interoperability-matters/.

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