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Assessing Good Practices and the Implications of an Expanded Definition of Electronic Health Information

The Sequoia Project and its Information Sharing Workgroup (ISWG) created a suite of practical resources drawing from real world experience.

These resources support the health care field as it navigates compliance with the information blocking rules, including considerations that arise from the move to the full definition of electronic health information (EHI) beginning Oct. 6, 2022. These resources inform the transition to a culture of health information sharing that supports health and care within the context of existing rules.

Available Resources Include:

These resources are the product of intensive, collaborative work by members of the Information Sharing Working Group and additional subject matter experts who volunteered their expertise and time during the spring of 2022, with the support of The Sequoia Project staff and consultants.

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Disclaimer: The materials developed by the ISWG are intended to be educational and informational resources. These materials will be most helpful to those who have a strong understanding of the regulatory requirements but seek to understand real-world implications and approaches to implementation. They are not, and are not intended to, constitute legal advice or a treatise on the Information Blocking Rule. Regulated Actors are encouraged to seek appropriate counsel to advise on the Actor’s legal compliance. No Actor should act or refrain from acting on the basis of the ISWG materials without first seeking legal advice from counsel. All liability with respect to actions taken or not taken based on the ISWG materials are hereby expressly disclaimed. The ISWG materials are provided “as is;” no representations are made that the content is error-free.

The Sequoia Project’s Interoperability Matters Initiative hosts a range of activities to promote information sharing in the public good.

This includes the Information Sharing Working Group, which was chartered in 2019. The group initially served as a multi-stakeholder forum to discuss and provide feedback to the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology on the information blocking provisions in the 21st Century Cures Act proposed rule, and then identify practical, implementation-focused implications of the final rule.

Since that time, the group has continued to meet and provide resources to the field by holding discussions to clarify information blocking policies and considerations and submitting FAQ requests to ONC, both as a full work group and in Actor-based subgroups. The Sequoia Project also provides educational resources, such as its Information Blocking Compliance Boot Camp.


Associations and Orgs – Health IT Community

Lauren Riplinger, AHIMA

Matt Reid, AMA

Jeff Coughlin, HIMSS


Kory Mertz, Audacious Inquiry

Consumers / Data Requesters

Deven McGraw, Ciitizen Platform at Invitae

Jennifer Blumenthal, OneRecord


Matt Becker, Kno2

Leigh Burchell, Altera Digital Health

Alex Desilets, eClinicalWorks

Peggy Frizzell, Flatiron Health

Stephanie Jamison, Greenway Health

Josh Mast, ORACLE Cerner (Co-chair)

Ladd Wiley, Epic

Health Information Networks and Service Providers

Rene Cabral-Daniel, Cenevia/CCNV

Kevin Conway, CyncHealth

Daniel Kim, SureScripts

Dan Paoletti, Ohio Health Information Partnership

Pat Russell, eHealth Exchange

Melissa Soliz, Velatura HIE Corporation

Alan Swenson, Carequality

Sylvia Trujillo, OCHIN

Morgan Landerman, OCHIN

Lacey Millsap, OCHIN


Nancy Beavin, Humana

Danielle Lloyd, AHIP

Matthew Schuller, BCBSA

Kellie Greer, Evernorth


Health Providers/Physicians

Steven Lane, Sutter Health

Roberta Baranda, Valley Children’s Healthcare

Matthew Eisenberg, Stanford Health (Co-chair)

Ammon Fillmore, AdventHealth (Co-chair)

Jim Jirjis, HCA

Eric Liederman, Kaiser Permanente

Bridget Leon, Mayo Clinic

Virginia Lorenzi, New York Presbyterian

Lori Richter, CommonSpirit Health

Matthew Shafiroff, White Plains Hospital

Suzanne Srebnik, Montefiore IT

Sid Thornton, Intermountain Healthcare

Casey Bryson, University of Kansas Health System

Sequoia Staff and SMEs

Zoe Barber, The Sequoia Project

Mark Segal, Digital Health Policy Advisors

Chantal Worzala, Alazro Consulting

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