FHIR® Improves Health IT Interoperability

The hottest healthcare electronic information exchange standard in development today is HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) Specification.

The Sequoia Project works closely with international standards development organizations and our members to determine the most appropriate, universal technical standards to implement. The Sequoia Project is deeply engaged in the ongoing work and evolution of FHIR standards for tomorrow. Working with the Argonaut leadership, we are ensuring our community has a voice in the development process.

The Sequoia Project has launched a FHIR-based provider directory. As FHIR becomes more deployed across the industry, we will be ready to leverage the standard in other ways as well.

What Is FHIR?

FHIR solutions are built from a set of modular components called “resources.” These resources can easily be assembled into working systems that solve real-world clinical and administrative problems at a fraction of the price of existing alternatives. FHIR is suitable for use in a wide variety of contexts – mobile phone apps, cloud communications, EHR-based data sharing, server communication in large institutional healthcare providers, and much more.