December 17, 2019

TEFCA RCE Begins Working Through Standards Issues for QHIN-to-QHIN Transactions

Technical framework to include specifications on message delivery, query, master patient indexes and more

On Dec. 11, the ONC TEFCA Recognized Coordinating Entity (RCE) held an online public stakeholder feedback meeting on the development of the Qualified Health Information Network Technical Framework (QTF). Although it is perhaps not clear how much consensus developed during the first meeting, the questions the RCE sought comment on made it obvious that the organization has to weigh a handful of standards issues, including the role of FHIR.

The QTF outlines the specifications and other technical requirements necessary for QHINs to exchange data. In April 2019, the initial QTF was seen as a rough draft that would be fleshed out over time. The RCE is seeking input on what will become Draft 2.

The RCE noted that the QTF will primarily address QHIN-to-QHIN transactions, and where possible it seeks to be silent on how the necessary functional outcomes are achieved within a QHIN. But it noted that there are likely to be some requirements that must be enforced at the participant and participant member level.

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