The Sequoia Project’s Programs

The Sequoia Project has a broad corporate charter which includes offering limited support to its independent initiatives.  Each program is independently sustained through its own fee structure.

  • Carequality is a public-private collaborative endeavor focused on interconnecting data sharing networks through a common interoperability framework, designed and maintained by its community.  Data sharing networks who wish to implement the Carequality Trust Framework and become Carequality Connected, should apply and pay the corresponding implementation fees. Carequality is sustained by its implementation fees. Learn more.
  • eHealth Exchange Network fees cover operational expenses to support the network (e.g., testing; on boarding; maintenance of specifications, test cases and operating procedures; Coordinating Committee support; maintenance of service registry and digital certificates; management costs). Learn more.


The Sequoia Project Corporate Members

Organizations may join The Sequoia Project as a corporate member and engage in The Sequoia Project sponsored initiatives and various cross-industry collaborative efforts to advance nationwide health information exchange implementation. Any organization may join The Sequoia Project as a corporate member regardless of participation in its independent initiatives.

The Sequoia Project members have a unique opportunity to guide the future of the largest public and private exchange community of its kind in the US and shape future strategy for the organization. Members serve to help shape a technical strategic road map for health information exchange, guide product and network testing programs, assure the continued alignment with the national strategy and engage in cross-industry implementation-level collaborative efforts to identify and address challenges to health information exchange.

Please complete The Sequoia Project Membership Agreement and submit to; a team member will review the application and contact your organization for the next steps.

Annual Revenue Annual Membership Fee*
>$500 Million
$250 – 499 Million
$100 – 249 Million
$25 – 99 Million
$10 – 24 Million
$5 – 9 Million
<$5 Million


  • Annual revenue shall be based upon annual healthcare revenue when organizations operate in different industry sectors.
  • For governmental agencies, professional associations and academic institutions, the tiers are based upon annual budget in lieu of annual revenue.